Great Grandmaster Lin Xian

Great Grandmaster Lin Xian

Introduction To Great Grandmaster Lin Xian

It was not long before the next significant milestone of the gifted young Chee’s apprenticeship to the arts was reached.  A roadside hawker stall fight between him and a larger boy was witnessed by Master Lin Xian [Lim Hian, in Hokkienese, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s native tongue] who appreciated the application of the skills the victor displayed, and his potential for advancing to a very high level in the arts of Gong Fu.

Great Grandmaster Lin Xian, Master of Wuzuquan (‘Five Ancestors System’) was an exceptional and most dedicated teacher of the arts.  For the sake of love of those arts, he, the son of a Mandarin, chose to tread the solitary path of following his Gong Fu arts for their own sake; the spiritually meaningful gifts that reward the truly sincere, self-disciplined, and dedicated. Lin Xian took no disciples (the arts being taught and kept within his own family); Master Chee being exceptional in that during the latter years of the great Grandmaster, he was the only person to be taught the arts not of his own family line.

In the young Chee Kim Thong, Great Grandmaster Lin Xian found such a worthy pupil, indeed his finest; one fit to become a guardian and expert teacher of the arts, and Gong Fu system of Wuzuquan.

Chee was invited to visit the great grandmaster, and so the next day took himself to the address provided: waiting in vain from early morning.  At which point as darkness fell, the disappointed Chee had to leave to return to his place of work: telling this to the young girl present, who had begged him to wait.

On leaving, shortly afterwards, he was skillfully attacked by an unknown assailant, who turned out subsequently to be the very girl he had just spoken with: the grand-daughter of the Great Grandmaster. At this point the girl told Master Chee, who she was, and that he had been deliberately tested for both character and patience, and for Gong Fu aptitude.  Young Master Chee was then invited by the girl to take tea with her famous grandfather.  A discussion then ensued, the outcome of which was that Great Grandmaster Lin Xian would teach young Chee.