Great Grandmaster Yang Yue

Great Grandmaster Yang Yue

Great Grandmaster Yang Yue

Ye Neo’s wise council was fulfilled soon after through Master Chee’s introduction to Great Grandmaster Yong Yuek (Yang Yue).  Master Yong, a friend of his own grandfather, was destined to take Master Chee’s Gong Fu development to a new level, through teaching him amongst many arts, Wu Mei Style Gong Fu (a powerful, deadly Art developed by a famous nun of the Shaolin Temple).

Great Grandmaster Yong Yuek (Yong Yue) was also a Master of the Wuxing Zhang (‘Five Element’) System, and introduced its arts and techniques to his young pupil, who avidly absorbed their form, philosophy, and applications.

Great Grandmaster Yong was a man possessed of exceptional Gong Fu abilities, one of which gave rise to the pseudonym, ‘Spider Man,’ a name derived from the exceptional skills he possessed in the art of wall climbing.

Perhaps, even rising above the importance of the special/secret arts he taught Master Chee, must be the spiritual significance of the virtue of Patience/Tolerance that he personified so deeply and extolled to his humble yet gifted student.

Grandmaster Chee was the pupil of this remarkable man for fully three years.