Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong - Monkey Boxing

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong - Monkey Boxing

Shizu Chee Kim Thong and Non Traditional Gong Fu

- part two

Shizu Chee Kim Thong to the end of his days was ever and always a Purist as regards transmission of the Arts he learned from his great teachers, and consequently was Never a politically motivated teacher of these Arts.

However, he was an astute judge of character, and while he was always ready and happy to teach the arts of his lineage to anyone whose character was sound, and whom he judged capable of diligent practise of the arts in their accurate forms, he resolutely refused to personally instruct those he felt wished to learn for the wrong reasons.

Grandmaster Chee was always resolute in opposing any adulteration of the arts, consistently opposing any attempts to alter them for ill-judged, superficial reasons. Consequently, only a handful of most trusted and naturally gifted individuals were taught in depth, and to completion, the highest level esoteric arts.

Entrance to a Lei Tai traditional Gong Fu tournament

It was always Master Chee’s intention and deeply held wish that those who had been taught his arts most fully, and in particular the most high level ones, should continue to teach these in their authentic, full, and accurate forms, in order that they be not lost to future generations.

In the world of today, traditional Gong Fu, faithfully and accurately taught, is becoming increasingly threatened by those who affect to use for petty motives, the names of famous lineages and grandmasters of the calibre of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong.

In addition, traditional arts have also been increasingly threatened by such debasing adjustments as the accommodation of the use of boxing gloves (something Grandmaster Chee abhorred as complete contradiction and degradation of the traditional Arts).

Concerning the development of ‘improving’ the traditional Arts in order to turn them into the new sport of Contemporary Wushu, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s views were both strong and unambiguous.  Although the innovators behind Contemporary Wushu were (and remain) doubtless stimulated by the best of motives, their actions were viewed by Master Chee as inimical to the preservation of the traditional Arts, because, in his own words the new sport was, ‘no more than a dance, without essence.

To the end of his days he never altered his views on this subject: that Contemporary Wushu was entirely a matter of gymnastic visual entertainment, utterly bereft of fighting application, and entirely different – except for borrowing the names of traditional Gong Fu styles, disciplines, and systems – to the traditional Arts, taught him by the great teachers of his renowned lineage.

For these reasons, it is perhaps more important than ever, that Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s wish to see those to whom he passed fullest knowledge of the higher arts he taught, take the long-term view and preserve these unchanged: certainly, if this be done not only would Grandmaster Chee be most happy, but future generations will render the fullest thanks for the wisdom of their action.